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Membership Trainings hosted at SEIU 1107 empower members to become more active in the labor movement! The more workers who get active, the more improvements we can secure to our wages, benefits, and working conditions.

We are hosting monthly workshops through June. Click below for more details!

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We're Stronger Together

SEIU Local 1107 is the largest union for health care and public employees in Nevada. Together, we're building power to protect quality public services and raise standards for all workers. Our members are committed to building cross-racial unity and bringing our communities together.

As a diverse, member-driven and just organization, we're creating real change for working people. Nevada home care workers, who serve our seniors and most vulnerable residents, recently raised their minimum wage to $16 dollars an hour. Our healthcare workers recently won standard-setting contracts, and, in 2024, thousands of our state's public employees will unite to secure contracts that respect and invest in frontline workers and the critical services we all rely on.

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Find out how we're winning improvements for workers and the Nevadans we serve.

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The Nevadan - Nevada’s healthcare unions can help workers and patients, experts say


News Article

Last year was big for labor unionization in the US, according to Sam Shaw, the executive director of Service Employees International Union Local 1107—and the healthcare field was no exception. The growth in union representation in that field brings multiple positives for both workers and patients, according to Shaw and healthcare experts.

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In Historic First, Hundreds of Nevada Home Care Workers Win Union Contract with $17 an Hour, a Major Leap Forward for Quality Care


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A group of almost 300 home care workers employed by Consumer Direct throughout Nevada just won a union contract with wages of $17 an hour, which will help recruit and retain the workforce to provide quality care for the state’s rapidly aging population and people with disabilities.

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Las Vegas Black Image - “Life-changing” $16 Minimum Wage Goes into Effect for 13,000 Nevada Home Care Workers Following Years of Strong Union Advocacy


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13,000 Nevada home care workers’ lives are beginning to change dramatically as they start to see the state’s new $16 minimum wage show up in their paychecks. The average wage had previously stagnated at around $11 for over a decade, creating a crisis-level workforce shortage.

Why We're Joining Together

Public service, home care and health care workers are joining together to get a real say over our wages, staffing, retirement, and working conditions. We're united, and we're building the strength necessary to secure record contracts, win policy changes in the state legislature and raise standards for all working people.

We're standing up to protect the marginalized, fight for the quality services that Nevada residents and our patients deserve, and win fair pay increases for everyone—including chronically underpaid women and people of color—throughout our state.

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