SEIU Local 1107

What is COPE?

Former Gov. Steve Sisolak signs SEIU-backed legislation giving home care workers and their clients a voice. The victory enabled SEIU 1107 members to later win a $16 per hour minimum wage for all Nevada home care workers.

Political decisions affect our jobs every day. Whether a department at Clark County has enough funding to do our job, or if there's regulations to ensure the safety of our patients at a hospital, often comes down to decisions by elected officials. SEIU members' voices are heard at every level of government thanks to SEIU 1107's Committee on Political Education (COPE).

Our COPE engages elected officials from the school board, to the Nevada State Legislature to Congress and everything in between. When SEIU members join together, we can stand up to big corporations and ensure that those elected are looking out for hard working Nevadans and their families.

That's why contributing to our COPE fund is so important. The committee ensures that we have the political power to protect our hard-earned political and legislative victories that improve public services and the lives of working families.

2023 Legislative Accomplishments

Nevada's State Legislature meets one time for 120 days every 2 years. The short legislative session makes it vital that SEIU 1107 members are present and clear about worker priorities. This year, SEIU members made the trip to Carson City and met with Senators and Assemblymembers to discuss our priorities.
This session we were able to accomplish the following priorities:

  • Established Juneteenth as a State Holiday. Learn more about Juneteenth.
  • Raise the Medicaid reimbursement rate for the first time in over 20 years. Raising it from $17 to $25/ hour and guaranteeing homecare workers make no less than $16 an hour.
  • Secured $10 million for the Southern Nevada Health District for our community and members.
  • Protected Nevada nurses and patients by preventing passage of the Nurse Licensure Compact.