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New TV Ad for President Biden Features SEIU 1107 Nurse


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An SEIU 1107 member leader stars in the latest national TV ad for President Biden discussing his commitment to affordable, quality health care. In the ad, Jody reminds us how troubling the last administration’s policies were for everyone who cares about healthcare.

Jody, who has been a pediatric nurse for 18 years, discussed that nurses need more support. The HCA nurse shared her concerns that our healthcare system has become a business. “People are becoming billionaires off the backs of sick people,” she said.

She praised Biden for his progress and stressed that we can’t afford to go backwards now.

“The idea that we could go back to the policies that helped the rich get richer and left so many people behind, I don’t want to go back, can’t go back,” she said.

Read more about the ad at the NBC News website or watch the full ad below. It is airing nationally on news networks and in battleground states around the country.

Watch the Ad on Youtube