SEIU Local 1107

SEIU 1107 Statement About the Ongoing Conflict in Israel and Gaza


Press Release

The SEIU 1107 Executive and Racial Justice Committees issued the following statement in response to the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza:

As a union of 20,000 healthcare and public service workers, we proudly serve our communities every day. We stand together for dignity and respect and work to raise standards for all. Everyone deserves access to necessities and peace of mind that our communities are free of persistent threats of violence.

All Israelis and Palestinians deserve safety, a chance to thrive and freedom from violence. As this most recent conflict enters its third month, too many innocent lives, including children and the elderly, have been injured, killed, held hostage, and displaced. We call for an end to the harming of innocent civilians and urge President Biden, US Congress, and the UN General Assembly to intervene and call for a ceasefire, negotiate the release of remaining hostages and provide humanitarian assistance to the civilians in Gaza.

Throughout the world and here in the United States, this conflict has also given rise to a disturbing increase of Islamophobia, anti-Arab racism and anti-Semitism that has taken the form of verbal and physical threats and attacks. We condemn in the strongest terms these forms of hate. During this challenging time, we stand united in our support of our members from the Palestinian, Muslim and Jewish communities.